Dale O’Dell – Southwestern POP Impressionism

4th Friday Prescott Art Walk

Southwestern POP Impressionism

April 27th will be the opening of Arts Prescott Co-op Gallery’s show called Southwestern POP Impressionism.

Artist’s Statement

For these new digital works I have chosen two symbolic ‘southwestern’ subjects: the Saguaro Cactus and the ancient Indian rock-art petroglyph.  I have taken both of these subjects and have used digital image processing to reinterpret them in an impressionist style.  The saguaro images are bright and decorative.  For the petroglyph images I’ve taken what the ancient artist has left and I’ve modernized it for the 21st century.

The Saguaro Cactus is so ubiquitous in the Sonoran Desert it can be considered a pop icon symbolizing the American West.  The silhouette of the Saguaro graces the license plates of cars in Arizona.  It’s an instantly recognizable symbol; the mere semiotics of the shape says, ‘West.’

Using the Saguaro-shape as a common compositional element I’ve created this series of digital paintings in an impressionist style.  These are purely decorative images symbolic of the region where they were made.  These pictures exist solely to brighten the space in which they hang.

These images began life as photographs which were taken into the digital environment, cropped, colorized and then electronically processed multiple times through a series of edited Photoshop plugin programs.  The prints displayed are Archival Pigment Prints made on Moab Juniper Baryta 100% cotton rag paper.

I am also documenting Southwestern American rock art, petroglyphs and pictographs, and continuing what the ancient artists began 1000-4000 years ago.  The process begins with finding the rock art sites –which are fairly easy to locate since most sites are within state or national parks and monuments or can be found on detailed maps.  It’s Indiana Jones archelogy without fearing for ones’ life.

Once back in the studio with new imagery the process has evolved into three steps.  The first thing I do is to normally process the imagery.  This is the photojournalistic step to document the petroglyph and record it as it is today.  The second step in my process is to retouch the image and remove signs of vandalism, decay or bullet-holes.  I’m trying to repair the petroglyph image and bring it back to something as close as possible to what the original artist created.  The third step is creative and I’m attempting to continue on with and modernize what the ancient artist left for history.  Lest you dismiss this as mere ‘Photoshop filter trickery’ it’s much more than that.  Beginning with the retouched image color is added, contrast is enhanced and then the image is processed through a heavily-edited Photoshop plugin.  After that the image is taken back to Photoshop for further, localized enhancement.  Once that is completed some images are re-processed with the plugin again.  Since one of the processing effects introduces a ‘glow’ effect that softens the image, the image is then over-sharpened in Photoshop to suppress the glow which creates the ‘fiber’ looking effect.

As with the Saguaro images, these are ‘digital paintings’ based on ancient symbols intended as decorative, Western, modernized artworks.  These prints are Archival Pigment Prints made on Moab Juniper Baryta 100% cotton rag paper.

Please join us for the opening of this this new show on 4th Friday Art Walk, April 27th, from 5-8pm.

April 27 – May 23, 2018

Artist Reception Opening Night from 5-8pm with snacks and drinks!

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The 3 Rs Show; Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent!

4th Friday Prescott Art Walk

The 3 Rs Show; Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent!

March 23rd will be the opening of Arts Prescott Co-op Gallery’s show called the 3Rs.
This show will showcase local artist making the choice to use at least 50% materials
that are recycled or reused to reinvent their own artistic creations. These reusable
materials can be part of the process making the art or materials that found in the
construction of the piece. We are very excited to feature a variety of mediums in this
show. Many co-op members will also take on the challenge to create this form of
sustainable art, while inviting more then 7 other local Arizona artists to participate.

We all know the importance of recycling and trying to do our part in creating less
waste that ends up in the landfills that are already over flowing. According to a
study put out by the EPA in 2014 the average person produces 4.4 pounds of waste
a day, with 2.3 of those pounds ending up in the landfill. Recycling programs and
individual consciousness has lead the way to the 34% of waste now being recycled.
For artists this can take on a whole different mission then just using the blue bins
each week. Artist can start thinking about these discarded items as materials to use
in the creation of their visionary art. More and more artists are hitting salvage yards,
thrift stores and pulling over while driving to discover great treasures discarded on
the sides of roads. These materials are being reinvented into beautiful artwork to be
enjoyed by all.

Prescott is no stranger to this mission to reuse materials in our art community.
Prescott Creeks, a local non-profit organization, for many years sponsored a great
art auction showing local artists creations with the trash collected from their annual
“Clean-Up” of our local waterways. Prescott’s own Tis Gallery also has a show each
year for artists to incorporate “Found Objects” into their work. It doesn’t always
have to be trash that is considered in this form of art. Many antique or vintage
pieces that no longer serve their original purpose find their way into new creations.
People are starting to take notice that there is still beauty in these abandoned
materials and old scrapped waste.

Arts Prescott Co-op Gallery wanted to have this show run through Earth Day, held
on April 22, a day that the world takes a pause to consider supporting the efforts of
environmental protection. We hope this show allows people to see the opportunities
in reusing materials that can be recycled and reinvented into new art that can live
on and find a new home. Please join us for the opening of this this exciting,
innovative show on 4th Friday Art Walk, March 23rd, from 5-8pm.

March 23 – April 22, 2018

Artist Reception Opening Night from 5-8pm with snacks and drinks!

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Jodi Maas – Painter

4th Friday Prescott Art Walk

Jodi MaasPainter

“Hidden Realms”

Febuary 23 – March 21, 2018

Guest artist reception Opening Night from 5-8pm with snacks and drinks!