Abby Brill – Potter

I have been passionate about clay for over 40 years. I still sometimes feel that flutter in my chest when I know I have a good chunk of time to be in the studio, like my heart has wings and I rush to meet my lover. No, seriously, I do.

I am constantly working to find where form and function meet in my work. Does the handle feel good in one’s hand? Is the rim of the pitcher likely to chip? What foot fits with this bowl? I want my work to be used daily; not sit gathering dust in a cabinet.

Born and educated in St. Louis, I was fortunate to be introduced to the potter’s wheel in my teens. I’ve lived and travelled extensively in Europe and have a passion for “old world” handcrafts. Before moving to AZ in 2010, I was part of a vibrant ceramic community at Skidmore College, where I worked with Regis Brodie. I count among my influences Bernard and Simon Leach, Hsinchuen Lin and Steven Hill.

I am glad to be a member of Arts Prescott, a cooperative gallery . I welcome special orders, whether they be a mug for a friend or a full set of place settings. I am active in local social justice initiatives and non-profit progressive organizations and often donate pieces to help raise funds for their good work. These include Empty Bowls, Woof Down Lunch, Big Brothers and Sisters and Prescott Creeks.