Adam Heinke – Jeweler

From rough gemstones to radiant adornment, I bring to life precious materials. As a skilled lapidary and goldsmith, I transform raw potential into unique, wearable art. I uncover the stones’ history and personality

My work begins with rough gemstones, each with unique potential. I carefully cut and shape them, revealing their hidden beauty. Following the stone’s natural flow, I sketch intricate designs onto paper, until inspiration ignites. Finally, at my jewelry bench, I bring the design to life by sculpting the metal and setting the stone.

In addition to making my own designs, I welcome the challenge of collaborating on custom designs, translating your vision into a tangible treasure. Whether you seek a statement piece to capture the eye or a subtle talisman close to the heart, my passion is to create pieces that become more than just adornment but expressions of your individuality.