Dorothy Dooley – Fine Art Pastels

About Dorothy

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Dorothy was always drawing and painting on anything she could get her hands on — her dad’s seminary papers, her headboard, the driveway…  Although she grew up to be a 7th grade language arts teacher, she always dreamed of painting, of representing the beauty

around her with her own voice and vision. Retirement brought three years traveling the US and the world, then settling in Prescott. The 3rd bedroom was officially designated “The Studio,” and the painting journey began. After working in watercolor, she tried pastels and immediately fell in love with the medium. Inspired by the unique landscapes of Prescott, she has been developing her craft and defining her vision.

Artist’s Statement

Prescott abounds in beauty and variety. At nearly every turn, I encounter a scene that captures and compels me to give it expression in pastel. When I am immersed in creating a painting, I feel alive with anticipation and connected to the subject. Painting reflects life: Some days are disappointing—painful even; others, turn out just as expected; yet some moments are magical—far beyond anything I had imagined! Life has taught me that magical moments can only exist with the others as their companions; there can be no magic if there has been no pain. I have learned to embrace the whole of it. Yet those moments of transcendence, are the fuel for my passion and joy in painting.