Janet Lambert – Fiber Art

I started sewing at age 10 and was soon designing doll clothes. Any and all forms of art came naturally, but textiles seemed to have the biggest draw. I studied graphic design and fiber art in college, where I learned to weave.

With my skills at hand, I moved to Southern California soon after that and called that home for 20 years, later moving to Northern California in the Sierra Foothills where I raised my own sheep to use their wool for my knitted projects. Over the years, I have sold my work at craft shows, boutiques and galleries throughout the west. Today I buy my raw wool directly from farmers over the internet and locally so that I always have a great selection to choose from.

My greatest education in textiles and dyeing came while working for a craft and textile supplier in the bay area where I helped other artists with technical dyeing and product related questions.

Today, I still love spinning and dyeing my own wool, knitting, weaving, silk painting and making beaded and polymer jewelry as well as gardening. Since my handspun knit wool garments are time consuming to make, my production is limited and even though I have a distinct style, each is one of a kind.

Prescott is now my creative home and is a most enjoyable place to live.