Jill Crowley – Painter

Jill Crowley creates pieces on canvas or  wood in oils. She is highly influenced by abstract expressionism, surrealism and Japanese Zen art. She is a new resident to Prescott valley living on 2 acres with her horses and dogs. 

Each of Jill’s paintings begins with an abstract background.  This is done outside with the piece laying flat on the ground. Acrylic paint is then splattered all over the canvas this process is very messy. This layer requires a lot of quick intuitive thinking as the colors mix and cover the canvas. There is no plan for splattering of the paint just reading how the paint is mixing and what the canvas needs.

Once the background is complete jill reads what the background will be a background of. Almost all of her pieces have a branch filled with flowers. The main characters of her pieces can be anything from elephants to bee’s or even tigers. The foreground is all completed in oils which pushes it further in front of the background.

Jill’s art evokes a feeling of joy and strength, with such a variety of colors and sizes her pieces will make a statement in any room of your home or office.