Lee Anets – Ceramicist

Artist’s Bio:

Lee Anets is a multifaceted artist with a deep love for ceramics, photography, videography, and lapidary arts. She constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in her art. Her work is a testament to her creativity and unwavering commitment to the artistic process.

Born in Maryland and raised in Arizona, Lee’s artistic journey began with a passion for drawing. She is a classically trained fine arts photographer. Her discovery of ceramics in 2008 gave her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of art. Working with clay became a therapeutic process for Lee, allowing her to let go of the pressures of everyday life and focus on the tactile sensations and creative process. She found a passion for slab-built sculpture.

Under the guidance of her first ceramics teacher, Becky Koop, Lee honed her skills in hand-built pottery and Raku. She continued with classes at 323 Clay. In 2020, she finally created her studio at home in Arizona.

For Lee, hiking is an essential part of her creative process. She explores countless trails with her dog, Vader, throughout the Greater Prescott area, taking photographs of the stunning landscapes around her. She then sketches these images onto clay slabs and begins engineering them together. Her love for ceramics is evident in her pieces, which often showcase organic shapes and textures. Lee fires to temperatures ranging from cone 6 to cone 8 in oxidation. She uses Laguna LB Blend for her sculptures. For her wheel-thrown pieces, she finds working with porcelain particularly satisfying.

Committed to learning, Lee values honest feedback from professional makers such as her teacher, mentor, and friend, Steven Hill. His critiques of her work challenge her on all levels, helping her to improve and refine her skills as a ceramicist.

For Lee, art is a way of connecting with the world around her and expressing the beauty and complexity of life in all its forms. She hopes that the joy of viewing art, whether it be her own sculptures or the works of others, can have a similarly refreshing and inspiring effect on those who experience it. Through her art, Lee invites us to traverse the beauty around us, embrace creativity, and be inspired to work with our hands.