Marjorie Claus – Batik & Mixed Media

Ancient and Contemporary Elements Merge to Create a Unified Whole

Marjorie was born with a love of horses. Stables and the outdoors were her playgrounds growing up in Cumberland, MD. After completing her BFA degree in printmaking at
East Carolina University, she landed her first job as a book designer in New York City. Living in New York served as her springboard to the world.

Southeast Asia captured her heart and mind as the warmth of its people and its ancient arts and cultures drew her in. For seven years she explored the Indonesian archipelago
and the tiny city-state of Singapore. Batik was the thread that wove its way from her travel experiences into her art.

To Marjorie, horses represent freedom, friendship, trust, love and respect, and she strives to communicate these universal qualities in her artwork. Believing that everybody
relates to these emotions on some level, Marjorie states, “I feel that when others recognize these qualities in my art, they relate to the work and are drawn to it.”

Combining on canvas her knowledge with her skills in batik, printmaking, and digital collage, Marjorie merges ancient elements and processes with contemporary technology.
To Marjorie, her unique approach enables her to honor age-old processes and cultural influences while evolving in a contemporary world. Referring to her work, Marjorie
states, “I am exploring human emotion in an abstract way through a fusion of ancient and contemporary elements. This fusion creates an original and unified work of modern