Robert Hughes – Potter

Robert Hughes is a solo artist working from his studio in Prescott, Arizona.  He has been working with clay for over 30 years.  He started his studio, Kiote ClayPottery, in 1992. Prior to that, he worked as a production potter in Southern California for 15 years. He shows regularly at art shows across the Southwest and has his work in several galleries.

“I design most of my own glazes and use a variety of decoration techniques that I have learned over the years including over-glaze, engobes, matte glazes, sgraffito, wax resist, carving, and incising.”

“Since I work alone, all my pottery reflects my personal creative nature and my high personal standards.”

“Most of my designs are inspired by nature and the desert Southwest. I start with a lump of clay and an idea . . . working through the many stages, I finish with a piece that you can use and enjoy for years.”