Robin Largo – Jeweler

Artist’s Statement:

Thanks to reality TV,  the word “journey” is overused. But, it does apply to how I went from being a Fine Arts graduate (Lubbock, Texas) to working for NASA (Clear Lake, Texas), then earning an MBA (Chicago, Illinois) and working in Marketing, followed by a stint at a tax accounting firm to earning another degree in Gemology and creating a thriving business on Etsy, finally landing here at the Gallery (Prescott, Arizona). Long, strange trip indeed.

After making thousands of men’s wedding bands for my Etsy shops, I am thrilled to be creating everyday jewelry with a twist. Much of my work is asymmetrical, has a dangle or an unexpected accent. Why? Because I think it’s more interesting.

These new pieces showcase a lot of emerald, ruby and tourmaline. More lapidaries are now cutting for “designers” so I can procure precious gemstone material cut into slices, cabochons and other shapes. These unique stones lend themselves to more unusual, rustic mountings, allowing me to design versatile, one-of-a-kind jewelry.