Shelley Rogers Fletcher – Gourds

I am a 4th generation native Arizonan from a farming family. My father was a cotton farmer and cattle rancher who viewed gourds as weeds but I think he would appreciate them more if he could see what I’ve done with them now! My mother was a seamstress, painter and fabulous artistic quilter and my grandmother was always doing needle crafts so I think I come by my love of art, fibers and fabrics naturally.

After stepping away from my previous career in business management, I have been working with gourds since 1992. I have tried many techniques but I really enjoy weaving and adding various types of fibers and natural objects to my pieces. Since every gourd is different, it’s always fun to start a new piece and see what develops. I love creating interesting vessels and containers from gourds and adding fibers, items from nature, interesting embellishments and found objects into my work. Gourds are the perfect medium for me to express and explore my artistic passions.