Stan Cothern – Jeweler

After a successful career in manufacturing management, Stan moved to Arizona in 2004 and decided to pursue his passion for silversmithing. He studied jewelry making and design at Yavapai College under Bill Ford, Alex Horst, Bubba Shackleford, Chelsea Stone and Carolyn Ensley.

His speciality is silver work with nature as a design element. Castings from nature became an early speciality when he learned he could take twigs from a Clementine tree planted by his father in the 60’s and cast them into solid, sterling silver. Rings, pendants, bracelets and broaches were fabricated from the castings. Cactus skeleton and Birch Bark are other raw material that are cast and incorporated into striking pieces. Recent additions to his body of work include meteorite and stainless damascus steel jewelry.

Arts Prescott is his first gallery experience and he continues to be amazed by the quality of work by the member/artists. “I am proud to have my work displayed alongside the creative, fine art shown in this gallery.”