Tom Yssel – Ceramic Sculptures

Artist’s Bio:

Tom’s ability to understand and portray subtle nuances of behavior, both animal
and human, can be traced back to his years of living in the wilderness, as a game
ranger in Africa’s famed Kruger National Park and later as a biologist in the
western USA.

Influenced by sculptors such as Auguste Rodin, this self-taught artist developed
his unique style of sculpting which evokes a sense of the subjects inner spirit and
emotions. His ability to portray bold characteristic expressions, as well as the
more delicate and subtle nuances and moods, are reflected in his art.

Redirecting his style, he moved away from more formally oriented approaches
towards symbolism, social and emotional gestures and meaning. His deliberate
fragmentation of some sculptures and the use of undeclared open space to
engage the observers creative imagination.

Tom’s choice of medium is water-based clay because he enjoys its elemental
origin, and the texture is most suited to the type of sculptures he creates. Each
ceramic sculpture is an original one-of-kind and sculpture and is individually
handcrafted work of art from beginning to end.