Tracy Horner – Mandala Art

I grew up loving math and the sciences, so unsurprising l became an engineer. I appreciate the beauty in symmetry, structure, and pattern and carry that into my art. My mandala designs start with a collection of pencil construction lines made with ruler and compass to define the size and symmetry. Then starting at the center, I draw ring after ring of organic shapes using India ink. In a similar fashion, I next add watercolor to each round of petals, avoiding overthinking and watch as the kaleidoscopic flower unfolds. It’s very meditative and it helps clear my brain. Celtic designs are created the same way – pencil first, then the relaxing flow of over/under/over/under with the ink. I love the clean lines of the ink and simple coloring within the lines. I’m happy to share my art both as a finished product as well as the coloring pages that allow friends to enjoy the coloring experience.

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