Vanessa Tamarin – Glass Artist

“With a background in Stained Glass, I found the limits of working cold, flat glass. I always wanted to bend the unyielding forms, to change the shape from two dimensional into forms I could hold and feel.

So there began my journey. After spending time in Sweden at some of the finest glass houses, like Orrefors and Kosta Boda, touring the smaller houses and days at glass museums, I came back with a dream to learn all I could about warm and hot glass and to someday build my own studio.

I began with torchwork and fusing glass. I then discovered Dichroic glass, with its vibrant colors that I could blend and shape into wonderful gems that are always changing, captivating, and bright with the fire of the soul.

Now, two decades later; the dream is a reality. The studio I dreamt of building is 20 years old and located in the forest outside Prescott, AZ.

My inspiration is born in the fire, the light and the color. ”