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Meg Bassett Goodyear – Painter

4th Friday Prescott Art Walk 

Meg Bassett Goodyear – “The Beasts And The Bees”

Friday, September 22 through October 25

Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery is excited to host the colorful acrylic and gouache paintings of our next featured guest artist Meg Bassett Goodyear!

Artist’s Statement:

What I love most about art is that it captures and preserves a fleeting moment in time, a passing thought, or a bright idea. Many of my moments, thoughts, and ideas include giggles, and they always make their statement in living color.


FB: @meg.goodyear


Meet the Artist on Friday, September 22 with an Art Walk reception for Meg on Prescott’s 4th Friday Art walk from 5 to 8pm.  Refreshments will be provided with live music !


The show runs from September 22 through October 25.



The gallery is open daily from 10am – 6pm.

Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery   134 S. Montezuma, Prescott, “In the Heart of Whiskey Row.”




More About Meg and Her Journey

I’ve been entertaining myself and others with drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Through school, I was always the artistic kid, and even an Art Major in High School. I walked a long and winding road to make it to this point: actually being recognized in a gallery! Thank you!

I grew up back East and learned early on that I seemed misplaced at birth. Straight out of high school in 1981, I moved to Montana (sight unseen), suitcase and skis in hand, and $600 of tip money. I started college at Montana State University and flunked Art Appreciation because there were way too many distractions in the great outdoors in the Last Best Place. I was inspired by the expanse of sky, the plains, the valleys, the mountains, the wildlife, the domestics, the work ethic. I wanted to know how everything worked together. I even married a cowboy once.

Later in Montana, I decided I wanted to become an Art Teacher. That was until I did my student teaching. No way. I graduated from Eastern Montana College in Billings with my BA in Art in 1990 and moved to a small town of 800 people 100 miles from anywhere. My kind of place. Surely nobody was willing to pay top wage for an artist to paint pictures, so I became a Certified Nursing Assistant for minimum wage. There I learned something I would have never guessed. I wanted to be a nurse. Back to school. A long dry spell from art ensued.

Life happened and I was ready for a big change. Sold it all and moved to Arizona in 2001. I slowly reignited my passion for art with a move to Chino Valley in 2012 where my husband and I are living happily ever after. I’m still a nurse, but I have time to paint now. My muse lives out in the yard, Honeybun the mule. My goal when creating my art is to give you something unexpected, always bright and cheery, and always served with a smile. I hope you did! Thank you for allowing me to share my view with you!